Fine (Or Superfine) / 70 lbs. +bonus track

by Minim

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The original lineup of Minim played at Chicago rock club staples Lounge Ax, Metro, Empty Bottle, and Fireside Bowl in 1997 and 1998.

This single “Fine (Or Superfine) / 70 lbs. was released on Dyslexic Records in 1997.

“Be careful with this band or you might get cut.”
—Frank Youngworth, Chicago Reader

“Midwestern power post-punk with wit, math rock with sex appeal.”
—Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

Digitally Remastered by Bob Weston @ Chicago Mastering Service

Artwork by Jay Ryan @ The Bird Machine

Recorded by Jim Holmes, February 1997
Originally released on 7” black or gold vinyl, Dyslexic Records, 1997

* Includes a previously unreleased bonus track.


released June 5, 2019

Jenn Solheim: bass and vocals
James GIllespie: guitar
Eric Mahle: drums
Jim Holmes: Recording
Jay Ryan: Artwork
Bob Weston: Remastering


all rights reserved


Track Name: Fine (Or Superfine)
A subtly sick predilection
and she’s into
Tender asphyxiation
Prophylactic frivolities
Exhalation and exclamation
She’s all sinews and niceties
An epiphany
She’s external and a tangled weave
At the slightest vibration
A soaking wet benediction
What is this I hold over thy head
Is it fine or superfine?
Her legs are taught but slippery
Mental burlesque
He’s all eyes and mouth and face
She’s a master of malleability
Chirp and snap and then it swallows you whole
His touch is just as fervent
As a mesmerist a poet an opportunist
Though her stories drive him crazy
He’ll suck it out and scrape her lines dry
What is this I hold over thy head
Is it fine or superfine?
Track Name: 70 lbs.
She’s luetic or a lunatic
All alone in her room
She hits her head on the wall
Just to feel one thing
Just to feel at all
Her one phrase is when he invades
Stoic cold means he’s coming
Set your body down
Lay her body down
Restrain and watch her scream
Seventy pounds of passivity
Soon they’ll repaint the walls
Beneath her skin she feels things crumbling
He visits physically most every day
Locks the door to her room
She’s passionless but she lacks the strength
To refuse or remove herself
All she feels beneath her skin
Atrophy a certain calmness
Set your body down
Throw her body down
Restrain and watch her scream
Track Name: Buoy
Fingers all white and your eyes sanguine
Oxygen sand and bed seaweed
Layers silent something beneath
Jellyfish feel but doesn’t sting
Come and drag the buoy
Down son down son
Come and drag it down
First there were five thick layers of peace
Colossus water how did you find me
How did it feel to be him beneath
First it was soft then heavy sting
Come and drag the buoy
Down son down son
Come and drag it down
Cellophane skin beneath the swell
A gasp for breath then all was tranquil

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